• Ep 8 – I Can’t Quit Ignoring Robin

    In Ep 8 of The Chatter Box, Robin replaces Rob while he galavants in Europe. The gang chats about Doctor Who, Revolution (still), Walking Dead, Halloween and much more!

  • Ep 7 – Not In My Region

    In Ep 7 of The Chatter Box, Michaela, Mike and Rob are joined by one Mr. Chris Kolk! We talk about the new Green Day album ¡Uno!, Dumb and Dumber To, Revolution, Doctor Who, Glee, and much more!

  • Ep 6 – Dong Gun

    In Ep 6 of The Chatter Box, Michaela, Mike and Rob are joined by Kelly Jo and Sexy Coach Hill! We talk about iPhone 5, Wii U, Battleship, Doctor Who, upcoming Fall TV shows and more! Gabby and Jessica/Jennifer drop by to talk Sons of Anarchy with Michaela.

  • Ep 5 – Pee-ple

    In Ep 5 of The Chatter Box, Michaela, Mike and Rob take a break from guests and veg out on Labor/Labour Day. We talk about Mike's Disney trip, restoring the Enterprise bridge, Yahoo Axis and Into Now, some movies, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who and much more!

  • Ep 4 – Street Honky

    In Ep 4 of The Chatter Box, we're joined by the Tiger himself, Danny T as well as Angie! We talk about Rob's trip to Vancouver, a Kickstarter for porn, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Breaking Bad and much more!

  • Ep 3 – 50th Time’s a Charm

    In Ep 3 of The Chatter Box, we're joined by Robin! We discuss The Dark Knight Rises, OUYA, Breaking Bad and oh so much more! Check out and back the Kickstarter for Trichster, a documentary that examines the disorder Trichotillomania. Made by friends of the show! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1024153773/trichster

  • Ep 2 – F to C Ratio

    In Ep 2 of The Chatter Box, we're joined by our very first guess, Colleen from MetroBuzz! We discuss San Diego Comic Con, some movies, projectile vomit and much more!

  • Episode 1 – A Taste Of Things To Come

    Welcome to the very first episode of The Chatter Box, where we talk about whatever tickles our fancy. Hosts Michaela, Mike and Rob come together every other week (sometimes with an awesome guest!) and chat about anything from movies to TV to tech to what they drank last night. Anything goes!